Argan oil for

Hand & Nail Care

In addition to its other cosmetic benefits (for hair and skin), organic argan oil also works great for nails. Argan oil makes damaged fingernails healthy again, it treats and rejuvenates split nails and repairs damaged cuticles. In short, it offers all-natural nail care.

Argan oil preserves

Healthy cuticles

There are several factors responsible for dry and rough cuticles. A drop of argan oil on each fingertip is the easiest and fastest way to address this problem. Use cuticle scissors after applying the oil for barely visible and incredibly soft cuticles. Argan oil is the ideal solution if you have trouble pushing back your cuticles, it moisturizes and strengthens nails from the inside out.

Argan oil strengthens

Fragile nails

Dry or malnourished nails are often fragile. Argan oil is full of rich nutrients that improve nail quality over time and it can solve this problem. Massage the oil into your nails daily for a few weeks to strengthen them.

Argan oil can also help nails that crack or break when filed. Very weak nails or nails that have absorbed too much water are not strong. Argan oil restores optimal and balanced moisture levels so your nails are not too dry or too moisturized. If you massage your nails regularly with a small amount of argan oil, you no longer have to worry about the nail file.

Argan oil prevents

Your nail flaking off

Argan oil is the best way to care for elegantly manicured nails. Use it before you apply nail polish to prevent premature damage to the polish. Apply a drop of argan oil to each dry fingernail or toenail after your manicure or pedicure. Let the nail polish absorb the moisture from the oil so it looks great for days.

Argan oil is

Dermatologically recommended

It is not only effective for brittle and fragile nails, but is also recommended by many dermatologists to cure and prevent both cuticle and nail infections. In addition to maintaining healthy and strong nails, argan oil also supports the growth of new nails.

It is no surprise that several luxury hair salons, nail salons, skin salons and spas are investing in large quantities of pure organic Moroccan argan oil. This perfect all-natural cosmetic is not only extremely easy to use, but also offers numerous benefits. It addresses every problem that beauticians and dermatologists encounter.

Even if you don't have any problems with your nails, you can put a bottle of argan oil to good use - your nails will thank you. If you use it from time to time, or better yet, regularly, you will give your nails all the health and care they deserve. Moreover, argan oil is not expensive compared to other chemical cosmetics and nail treatments.

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